Lake Grande by MCL Land at Jurong Lake Link

Lake Grande by MCL Land, is located at Jurong Lake Link. It is next to Lakeville and boast truly the only childcare in Jurong West.

These is probably your last opportunity to secure a unit at Lake Grande as this is the last 2 plot of land that is within 1 km of both reputable schools for parents who wanted to send their child to either Rulang or Shuqun Primary School.

The upcoming development of the 600 hectare Jurong Innovation District can also be envisioned are the next-generation industrial center where business, technologies and other people gather in order to create the future of innovation.

Lake Grande Enjoys Easy Access to Jurong Gateway and High Speed Rail Terminus

With easy access to Jurong Gateway, Gateway Lakeside and Lakeside precincts, Lake Grande’s location effectively enabled you for easy access to your work, education and recreational possibilities. 

With ease of commute to medical care, institutes, workplaces, water sports and edutainment, staying at Lake Grande fulfils probably the most critical.

The portal to a thriving shopping, lifestyle and hub that is commercial. Developed just like the biggest hub that is commercial the city hub, businesses and occupations haven’t ever already been this close to homes.

Leading instructional schools supply a talent that is large to engage on, along with new resort hotels and offices unveiling, the district will discover energy like nothing you’ve seen prior.

Lake Grande by MCL Land is a Smart Home Condominium

Soak some rays up and relax in the sunshine. Jurong Lake Gardens, initial nationwide landscapes inside the heartlands, presents a convenient outdoor spot that is recreational.

It really is envisioned to be the representation that is perfect of and tech in unison. The Lakeside Precinct appeals on every level for the sporty, adventurous or playful, the curious or nature lovers.

Envisioned once the next-generation hub that is commercial the 600 ha Jurong Innovation District will bring together innovators and companies to change the manner by which we stay, function and create.

3D rendering by visualmediaworks, vmw

Retreat into the lushness of Lake Grande Singapore and try to let character envelop you with tranquility. Made to integrate greenery with architecture, every facility and nook provides the opportunity for complete relaxation.

Marrying the convenience of technologies with an eco-friendly life are just what smart eco-living at Lake Grande location is all-encompassing of.

With motion-sensor lights, an automatic doorstep air-conditioning system, a biometric doorway lock system, energy administration development and a lot more, the future of smart-eco dwelling is actually yours to possess.

Lake Grande location is smartly positioned near to this exciting development that is new options haven’t been this near to home.


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